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tv   News  ABC  January 18, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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and the macivic northwest getting ding -- pacific northwest getting hammered by a snow event. more than a foot and a half of snow expected on the ground. we will take you there. good morning. i am charley crowson. hope your day is off to a great start. weather wise, things are mild but windy. let's check the forecast and say good morning to lynette charles and the storm system moving through really reeks havoc across the midwest. >> tornadoes across the area. but here at home, things are much quieter p terms of tornadoes but we are -- quieter in terms of tornadoes. in the meantime, you are stepping out the door and wondering how to dress. you can see the temperature at perry hall around 39 degrees. but you will add in the wind gusting up to 30 miles per hour. we are feeling like the low 30s. frederick more of the same. temperatures around 38 and a wind gusts of about 40 make it feel like the low 40s. east opt temperature around 42 gust -- easton, the temperature
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around 42. so bundle up as you head out. and if you have the hat and scarf on, you want to keep it on because it's going to get blown around. satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot close to home. that cold front moving through the area and with that we will be lent with sunshine. you are looking towards the west, though, getting lake- effect snow now as a area of low pressure moves across canada gathering moisture from the lakes and depositing it into pennsylvania at this time. but all in all, things look pretty good. so your hour by hour forecast for today, windy and the temperature coming in right around 42 as we go into the 8:00 time frame and chilly by 4 p.m. ample sunshine and temperatures in the upper 30s. now angela has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on the roads right now, you will have bendy conditions. we have -- wendy conditions. we have -- windy conditions. also some slowing reported on the bw parkway for those of you traveling northbound. still a good route making the drive from oatington heading
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into downtown. for those of you who take i-95, it's a little heavier. especially in the northbound direction after you pass 175. and then continuing northbound you can see a little more activity passing i-195 maneuvering into the city. watch for a stalled car as you approach 695. but no major slowdowns as you continue to the fort mchenry tunnel. over to you. right now live pictures off the the t-uscan coach. we are learning new -- coast. we are learning new information and we say hello, to sherrie johnson. developments still surfacing because it's mid to late afternoon in italy. >> reporter: that's right. and you know we have learned in the last two hours search teams have suspend operations because of -- suspended operations because of large waves rising up against the ship. death toll is 11 dead and 29 missing including a american couple. the captain under the ship is
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under house arrest accused of deliberately steering off course causing the wreck and then abandoning the crew and passengers. the wife of the italian captain was swarmed by media as she returned home early this morning while her husband side stepped the media and went through a back door. the coast guard order the captain back aboard as he sat safely on a rescue boat while passengers saved themselves. >> he is a coward. i mean, we are fighting for our hives and he is more concerned about himself. >> my lasting memory will be of those who were standing on the deck with their life jackets on waiting to be rescued and there were no more boats. >> reporter: the captain never returned to the ship leaving the crew and passengers to save their own lives without him. crew members say he was eating dinner when the ship ran aground and long gone when the evacuation order was given. sherrie johnson, abc2 news.
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and check headlines from around the nation, at sunrise investigators across -- in los angeles will resume the search for clues in a murder case. a man's head was found in a plastic bag by two women who were walking with dogs. investigators are going to try to come up with a sketch of the victim to come up with a positive id. and a startling discover during a traffic stop in tennessee. officers discovered 128 dogs in a u-haul truck twhre. crapped in three or four to crate and packed-side. officers say it's likely -- packed inside. officers say it's likely they were not walked and two women are charged with animal cruelty in the case. now to this hot topic. an antiprofanity crusader is asking abc to pull tonight's episode of modern family war toddler appears to use a bleeped out curse word but the toddler said fudge when the show taping for abc but has not commented so if she said fudge you can figure out what the word s we want to know what you
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-- is. we want toe -- we want to know what you think. is it funny? how many times have you said i am not going to believe what my kid just said. modern family airs tonight on abc2 beginning at 9:00. todd plat announced he will not seek reelection for the house of representatives. he represents pennsylvania 19th congressional district which covers parts of adams, cumberland and cork yonties -- counties. he says he will step down out of firm belief for the important-- importance of term limits. and new this morning, a homeless science wiz kid has been invited to the state of the union speech on january 24th. samantha garvey will attend with congressman steven israel who calls her an inspiration. she was named a semifinalist in a prestigeous science competition. she is up for $100,000 scholarship as result of her
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hard work. [ music ] >> come on. >> michelle obama proves she has the moves. she broke out in some random dancing with stars of the hit nick loadan show i carly at a virginia school. she appeared on i carly monday in the military themed episode. a popular actress takes her turn in entrepreneurship. what new business sh starlet is lawn pg and -- launching and why you may want to check it out. more of us are not so quick to get rid of the cars. a look at why and the new business it is creating when "good morning maryland" continues with what's new, now and next on this wednesday, january 18th. news time is 6:36.
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about 20 minutes until 7 and there are more older cars on the roadways. people are now keeping the vehicles longer and that according to the auto market and knits polk. average car is about 11 years old. the job security and other economic concerns kept people from making big ticket purchases but car dealers are using it as a way to repair the used cars. check this out. this boot is not made for walking but made for driving. l.l. bean celebrating the 100 years of business in a big way. they unveiled the boot mobile and it's larger than life size version of the company's iconic product that would be the bean boot. jessica alba has a new role. the mother of two launched a ecommerce business called the honest company. you can get everything from baby wipes to household cleaning products. if you want to see it we have it linked to our website. go to and look under the entertainment tab and find the sore i-- story.
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and a business ven tier tore for catty perry she is partnering with a video game. she will be online and retail marketing and ea says they will have perry help design the games with accessories and clothing and hair style and furniture. still a lot to get to on this windy wednesday morning for you. the abc2 news to go is straight ahead. sherrie. some state cost cutting measures are on the table as the governor releases his budget plan. what that means for your wallet coming up. and what's next in the occupy movement. i am linda so. why things grew tense in dc after long day of protests. blustery windy and gusty have been the word to describe this morning. i will tell outword to describe today, this afternoon -- you the word to describe today, this afternoon and beyond. >> reporter: we are following an accident on the west side of 695. we will let you know if lanes are blocked. and windy conditions on
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good morning. i am charley crowson. time for the abc2 news to go. we have a lot to get to. sherrie johnson has a preview of the governor's budget which will be unveiled today and a live pick tort of washington, d.c. -- picture out of washington, d.c. many that's what's going on with the occupy protest and a live look at roadways where angela will help you plant commute but let's start with meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. you know what? the word roller coaster comes to mind going throughout today. the days ahead of us as well and even before. the we have been up and down and today, we are going have temperatures tumbling. it's going to be very cold and windy and milder temperatures are not far away. but check out what i have in the forecast as we go through the weekend a within theory mix to rain is out there. checking out temperatures in baltimore this morning, coming in right around 41 degrees with the big story check out the
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peak wind gusts. 47 miles an hour close to 50 and that's going to be the scenario through the remainder of the morning. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning as you get ready for the that wednesday morning drive. windy conditions out there. extra caution on the ramps and bridges and we are dealing with heavy traffic now especially on the beltway westside where we have a problem approaching reisterstown. maryland state police say a disabled tractor trailer is off to the right attracting a lot of attention and add together congestion. here's a live look at i-95 and maryland 175. starting to see delays in the southbound direction to the left of the screen. as you continue to the prince george's line. on the beltway live you are tapping the brakes on outer loop approaching liberty road to baltimore national pike. travel below posted speeds all the way around to i-95 back to you. the governor will release a
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spending plan to 2013 this morning. some of the big ticket items has some people raising their eyebrows. sherrie johnson joins us with what you've qualified as a high earn, you you could be in trouble. >> reporter: people say no new taxes but in over two hours, governor o'malley will address lawmakers and the state over the spending plan. everyone wants to know how much will it cost me. the governor will shift teacher expect counties to marylandcounties. maryland picks is one of the fewstates that picks up the entire teacher pension costs. the governor wants a 50-50 split with counties. this will saving the state about $225 million. another part of the plan, people who earn more than $100,000 and couples that make more than $150,000 will be limited to smaller personal exemptions for themselves and their families. they would face caps on
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personal deductions. lawmakers say the proposed income changes and collecting sales tax on internet purchases would raise more than $300 million. this would cover about a third of the state's $1 billion deficit shortfall. democratic leaders support the governor's budget. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 25 people havel have a exciting day ahead of them celebrating the leg say of dr. martin luther king junior. 25 new citizens will be sworn in. the new citizens are coming from 16 different countries. and charler he flights from bwi airport will begin march 2 #st. p bwi says flights will leave around 3 in the afternoon with tickets available through travel and tourist. the airport is approved last year to provide service to cuba after the president announced plans he would expand charter services to the country. it's previously been limited to miami, l.a. and new york.
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how long will occupy demonstrators hang around in they vowed to keep it going yesterday and a -- at a day long rally in dc protesting the u.s. government. linda so is here with what's going on and what happened last night and why more people are paying attention this morning. >> reporter: well, things grew tense and secret service spokesman says the smoke bomb device was thrown over the fence at the white house. people inside were told not to leave until the occupy crowd wasdisbursed a secret service spokesman said the crowd swelled to 1500 people and they were told to leave and everyone did. no one was arrested. it was part of a day long demonstration in dc. the day began with the stop at the nation's capitol where they chanted and sang and disrupted congressional officers and they to the supreme court and then off to the white house. >> since 2008, americans are 8%
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poorer, and the average congressman or woman is 25% richer. there's something wrong in this country. everyone needs to wake up and get out here. >> reporter: and we have learned a hearing will be held next week on why occupy dc protesters have been allowed to stay in mcpherson square in dc despite a ban on state property. the obama administration is going to provide law enforcement with an and a sis of home grown terror including eye -- law enforment will give tips at conference scheduled for today at the white house. a man accused of plotting to bomb a military recruitment senter will go before a judge. antonioio martinez said he was innocent of plotting to blow up a military recruitment center. he was charged and attempted
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use-- glent by the name of clark rockefeller and this morning he will be in court as himself. that is preliminary hearing on a murder charge. he waser is afg prison centers in boston for for kidnapping his daughter and they were found in baltimore. he is charged with killing a man in southern california more tan 25 years ago. police will search for people who lived in the town home found with 40 dead animals in the past 48 hours. it happened at lambth court in the glenshire township complex. all this happened what policesmelled something and called 911. they found 21 dead animals from birds and rabbits and againy pigs to a hermit crab and found 19 more dead animals in the freezer and only 4 survives. the residents could face animal security charges. >> tomorrow is the birthday of one of the most beloved
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citizens. edgar allen poe. for decades a mysterious man left a rose and conia on his-- he failed to appear for two years and poe fans plan one last vigil tomorrow and calling an end to the january 19th tradition. riches news now before heading to foxborough. -- ravens news now. before heading to foxborough they will have practice today. the coach addresss the media at noon. joe flacco and ray rice and rey lewis will speak. the rains -- a photo of the nfl and representatives say these are the people from baltimore getting a look at the way things are going at complex. the nfc champs will work out in this complex and they are getting a preview of things tocome. >> there's a way to go to the
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games. some game logo could be up with the gold logo similar to those in years past and painted loutthroughout the counties and if you spot one, take a picture and upload it to ravens facebook page and you can win a free trip this sunday. re. search for the missing passengers is continuing as startling audio surfaces of a conversation about the italian coast guard and the captain attempting or apparently sitting safely on a rescue boat while the rest of the crew and passengers are struggling to escape the cruise line. ifs what you will see at wikipedia. not this. you will see the backout page say imagine a world without free knowledge and a way to contact your legislator. all this going on in a protest against new piracy law. and a busy day in the palmetto state. all but one remaining gop candidate will be on the
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campaign trail ahead of saturday's state primary. mit rough -- -- glsh the u.s. conference of mayors winter meeting against today -- begins today. it is touted as forum for mashs and washington leaders to come -- mayors and washington leaders to come together to discuss issues affecting the area. seattle being salted and sanded but paralyzed by a snowstorm that's expected to dump another foot today. the city's mayor is urging everyone to stay home and the forecast south of seattle will be close to a foot and a half. lynette. >> dealing with snow across the pacific northwest. but closer to home, we are dry in our area. you will have to slide up to pennsylvania, new york to get in on the lake-effect snow. very blustery and wendy going
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through the morning out -- windy going throughout morning out of the northwest. gusts up to close to 50 no baltimore earlier. 57-mile-an-hour wind gusts. so bundle up as you head out and about because you could see cold blustery conditions but something i think you will see the air afterhigh pressure will give us plenty of sunshine through the remainder of today. future trend picking up on that. going into 8:00 you will need the shades as you drive to work. and as we go into thursday, likes like more snow north of us a and more sunshine builds in going into friday. but for today, that temperature coming in right around 40 degrees. temperatures will fall throughout the day. very windy. by tonight, the wind will lessen. it's going to be much colder but 24 is where we should be for this time of the year. and tomorrow's forecast 42 degrees a sun-cloud mix. seasonably chilly and i know you want to see the game forecast but we are a little
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bit aways from that so i will give it to you tomorrow. here's the seven-day forecast, dry herat home with temperatures at 46 on sunday. tell us about the traffic. >> on the roads we are dealing with a couple incidentsinvolving tractor trailers. disabled tractor trailer off to the right. and 95 on the ramp to keith avenue a tractor trailer fire and the fire has been extinguished but we have emergency personnel on the scene so a jamup getting around that. here's the southbound delay on u.s. 29 starting at i-70 into monday golry county -- montgomery county where you will be on the brakes into 29. northbound 395, still okay as you make your way to conway street. as is the drive on 295 the bw parkway also looking good heading into downtown this morning. all right. tonight at 9 on abc2 modern family airs and the 2-year-old apparently says a curse word. on facebook. what was that? we are asking what you think
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about that go to facebook and let us know. now to new york. have a great morning. >> yeah.
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